Being in the market for a home is a hard job, and the same goes for selling a home. These are both jobs that realtors are supposed to be experts at; making the job easier and move along efficiently. It’s vital that you have the best realtor to ensure you’re getting a great deal and closing it right away.

Many individuals have had bad experiences with realtors, such as buying a house way out of their budget, taking too long to find a home when they need to move out right away, having the closing process prolonged, or they may feel like they don’t have a realtor at all. Not only do we have the answers on how to rate your realtor, we also will help guide you to finding the best realtor. There are a few essential aspects of a realtor that will determine whether they are a 5 star. Below are the 4 aspects to look for when rating your realtor:

How Long Have They Been Selling Real Estate?

Experience is everything. However, don’t underestimate someone who is new to the industry—sometimes it’s better to have someone with a fresh outlook. On the other hand, realtors with the most experience know how to effectively and quickly close a deal. In fact, an agent who has seen and experienced many different situations, he is less likely to be shaken should any unexpected bumps occur down the road. I

f it is your first time buying or selling a house, you typically want a realtor who has been in the business for 5 or more years. It’s never wrong to ask them how long they have been in business when you hire them. If they haven’t had a lot of experience as an agent, rate them based on their knowledge and your personal experience.

What Is Their Average Number of Clients?

Basically, we are asking if they have enough time for you to put in quality effort. Nobody wants to feel neglected by their own agent, almost to the point where they feel they don’t have an agent at all.

If they are working with at least 10 to a dozen more clients, you might experience less frequent communication and have less insight into your buying or selling process. Once you find out their average number of clients, find out if they have a plan of action should you need additional support, such as an assistant or team members.

What Type of Communication Did They Deliver?

Communication is huge when it comes to real estate. A big portion of rating your agent should be if they maintained a clear line of communication with you throughout the entire buying or selling process. Equally important, they should have worked with you on setting expectations for how often you receive updates and the best methods of communication.

What Was Their Attitude and Personality Like?

Your agent should have an always-pleasant attitude and personality. Rate them on how they greet you in person and on the phone, how they answer your questions and handle situations. You always want to look for a realtor with composure, but that also has some pizazz.