There are several things needed to be taken into consideration when selling your home. Questions like using the services of a REALTOR® (selling your home yourself can be an extremely difficult challenge), what amount to list your home for, whether or not to sell in the current market, and should you wait to sell until you have a new home.

As well you need to consider some other factors as well. Home inspections, open houses, and making sure your home will meet the required maintenance and expectations. With the help of the services from a professional real estate agent like Morgan MacLean, all the heavy lifting will be done by his team on your behalf.

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Why Choose a REALTOR®

It’s no secret. In any real estate market if you want your home to sell fast simply lowering the price can help make that happen. As a home owner though you want to sell with the biggest return and there are things you can do to help sell your home faster and for the price you want.

Setting the price is often the biggest problem for many private sellers. Those who choose not to use the services of a real estate agent often times lose profits and eventually realize that it’s a lot more work then they imagined. As a private seller you need to know all legal documents that are needed, as well as handle all home showings, contracts, etc. By saving money on agent commissions you’ll end up spending your own time and causing a lot more work on yourself.

With so many sellers not familiar with the selling process it’s important to have someone who is. Morgan MacLean is qualified to help guide you through every single step of the process. He will help you explain the best way to establish a sale or offer on your property, promote it through the proper channels, and negotiate the best deals to any potential home buyers.

Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Seperate yourself from your neighbours
With so many homes on the market today it’s important to differentiate your home to attract attention. Having your home memorable with things like custom designs or additions, such as landscaping, home automation, high grade windows, or even a new roof, can really leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Something as simple as a fresh paint job can add value to the home and improve the home’s aesthetics.

By keeping things practical and using colours that will appeal to a wide audience you’ll help separate yourself from other homes greatly.

That being said, while it can pay to spice up your home, don’t over improve it.

If you plan on investing in home improvements make sure to do your research and put money into the proper things that are going to get you the best return. If you’ve added custom features into your current home that potential buyers might be interested in, make sure they get included in the home listing information. Every small edge helps when selling your home.

Over time we end up with a lot less room in our homes. It’s imperative to remove clutter from your home to give it a more open feel. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space and the feeling of confinement could make them feel as if their current furniture doesn’t suit the house.

Simple things like removing some furniture from the home to make it appear bigger, or putting away family photos and personal items all can have a positive impact. If you’re unsure of what to move you can always higher a stager to help you make better use of your homes space. Search around, staging can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Many people believe that stagers make homes more salable, so despite the potential cost one should definitely deserve some consideration.

Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal
The first thing any buyer sees is the homes external appearance and how it fits into the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately many sellers often overlook the importance of their homes exterior. Appearances mean a lot in the real estate industry, so things such as beautiful landscaping, fresh paint, and a lawn that’s cared for can mean everything. Having a positive first impression can set your home apart.

Have Your Home Move In Ready
Aesthetics are nice, but if your homes doors, appliances, electrical and plumbing aren’t in good working order you may not pass inspection let alone sell your home. Having your home move in ready will give potential buyers the impression that they’ll be able to move right in and start enjoying it, rather then spending time and money fixing it.

The Price Is Right
No matter how well you renovate and stage your home it’s important to price the home properly. With the help of a REALTOR® they’ll be able to provide you with the right information. That being said be sure to check out any other homes in your neighbourhood that are for sale or check other homes within your area to see what they’re going for.

It’s not always important to be the lowest price on the block, especially if you’ve followed the above advice and helped your home stand out from the others. But be sure the listing price is not out of line with other homes in the area and try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to determine what they feel would be a fair price value. Have your friends, work colleagues, neighbours, and real estate professionals tour the home and weight in.

The Bottom Dollar
Selling a home in any market requires hard work. Doing everything you can to get your home in excellent shape and with the help of a REALTOR® setting the proper price, the odds of increasing the sale in your home will greatly improve.

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