Often referred to as the Swan City due to it’s heritage with the trumpeter swan the city of Grande Prairie has quickly become one of Alberta’s largest cities thanks to it’s rich resources in and around the surrounding area.

Located in northwest Alberta within the Southern portion of the Peace River Country, the city sits approximately 460km northwest of the capital region (Edmonton) and plays a vital part to many surrounding communities who rely on it for resources, shops, and more.

In 2011 the recorded population was recorded just over at 55,000 but recent reports suggest the city has grown to as much as 70,000 sticking to the claim as one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.

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Learn More About the City of Grande Prairie

Named after the large prairies that are situated to the north, east, and west of it, Grande Prairie was first occupied by the Beaver first nation who would begin trading with the North West Company at Dunvegan in the early 19th century. A Hudson’s Bay Company post called La Grande Prairie was established 24km northwest of where the current city exists and it wasn’t long after that homesteading would occur. By 1912 Grande Prairie had a bank, hotel, post office and land office making it a district metropolis.

Despite being located on the southern edge of the Peace Country, Grande Prairie would become the most important centre of commerce and agriculture thanks in large part to the large pulp mill built in the 1970s and the oil and natural gas exploration which was starting to take place. With construction and paving of Highway 43 to Edmonton and the BC border it cut down on travel significantly which would continue to enhance Grande Prairie’s accessibility and economic status.

Grande Prairie Homes, Community, and Sports

One of the hottest housing markets in the country the city of Grande Prairie has seen unprecedented growth over the course of the past 10 years. A handful of new schools are being developed throughout the community and the opening of the Eastlink Centre on the south side of the city has provided a state of the art recreational facility that provides families with the opportunity to enjoy hockey, indoor sports, and a world class swimming and water park facility that can be used year round.

The city has grown in each direction and because of the constant production of new homes there are an abundance of new schools in development.

Real Estate in Grande Prairie and City Lifestyle

The city of Grande Prairie provides a very diverse economy with most of it’s workforce surrounding the oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, and food service industries.

Prior to oil and gas exploration Agriculture was the mainstay of Grande Prairie and it continues to be a strong part of the local economy. In the late 1970s a gas field was discovered and developed in a community outside of the city which cause rapid growth within the community.

Forestry as well continues to play a pivotal role in Grande Prairie’s economy as large tracts of forest lie to the south of the city. Opened in 1972 by Procter & Gamble, the Weyerhaeuser Canada Kraft pulp mill is one of the cities largest employers and is a focal point within the city.

The housing market has been in a steady climb and despite forecasts of a recent economic recession housing still remains in high demand. With such large growth seen throughout the area the city has continued to expand with new sub-divisions being built throughout the year.

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