If you’ve always had a knack for selling, networking, or simply have a great eye for potential, real estate might be the field that’s calling your name. Real estate is the perfect industry to work in if you’re interested in making back in income what you put in with time and energy. It’s also a frequented path for people who have side jobs or interests, while still allowing you to maintain a reliable income. So, if real estate is something that interests you, there are a few keynotes to consider, and some crucial steps to take before jumping into the game.

1. Be 18 or 19 Years of Age (Varies from Province to Province)

Just like many labor, driving, or substance use laws in Canada, it’s required for practicing real estate agents to be 18 or 19 years of age. The requirements behind the age limit vary from province to province, so if you’re looking into becoming a practicing real estate agent, look into your provinces labor laws, and what types of requirements they have for license holding.

Be A Legal Canadian Resident

In order to sell houses within the confines of the Canada, it’s required by every province that you be a legal Canadian resident.

Complete Your Required Pre-License Education

Just like the age requirements, the number of hours that are required, for your pre-license education to be considered, will vary from province to province. Real estate education consists of information regarding real estate principles and practice, to legal education on the field. Typically, these courses take up about 135 credit hours, or 1-2 years of education. Once these courses, and your studying have concluded, it’s time to take your real estate exam to seal the deal.

Pass Your Real Estate License Exam

Depending on your application for broker or salesperson, the real estate exam itself could vary in length and time. This exam can only be taken once you’ve completed your required coursework leading up to it. For this exam, you’ll need to put your knowledge to the test, and show your understanding of things such as listing types, confusing word pairs such as foreclosure and forfeiture, types of real estate ownership, and more.

Choose A Brokerage to Work Under

While this isn’t required in all states, many real estate agents choose to align with brokers for reasons such as commission splits, and representation opportunities. In many provinces, it’s required that a minimum of two years should be served under a licensed broker before real estate agents can get their broker’s license and work alone. This isn’t all bad though, because during this training period of sorts, it’s a good place for new real estate agents to hone in their talent, and get a better understanding of their selling craft. So, if you’re new to the field, this isn’t a bad option, and before you know it, you could be completely working for yourself.

Build A Client and Referral List and Portfolio

The most important part of being a real estate agent is building your clientele. The more success you have with your clients, the more likely you are to be referred to other clients, and brokers as well. Not only can you help your clients buy homes but you can help them with selling their homes as well. So, get out there, and get to work!