There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of Grande Prairie and therefore don’t have to much of an idea of where it is or what you can do there. At one point I was in the same position until I spent some time here and eventually moving to the city. After a few short months I found out a lot of the city I lived in and am helpful to share it with new visitors and new residents as they look to explore the area.

First and foremost, speak with people throughout the community. A lot of great residents live here throughout the city and can provide ample information on things to do and places to visit. There are plenty of social clubs throughout the city and many can be found by looking on Facebook and other websites like Grande Prairie Kijiji.

Take some time to get familiar with the many sports teams situated throughout the city. The biggest draw is the Grande Prairie Storm who play in the Alberta Junior Hockey League and you can often find them playing in the months of September through to March (depending on if the club makes the playoffs or not). Another club to visit is the Grande Prairie Athletics who are a Senior hockey team playing from October to March as well out of the Coca Cola Centre.

If you’re an avid movie watcher you’d be happy to know Grande Prairie has a movie theatre. Cineplex Odeons was one of the newest features setup in the Gateway Power Centre many years ago and has continued to be a place hundreds of residents visit daily to catch the latest movies.

For the avid adrenaline junkies, you can check out things like a hot air balloon ride or various other sports like mountain biking, kayaking and more along the Wapiti River.

Grande Prairie isn’t home to many unique restaurants but it does feature a lot of assortment of major restaurant chains like the Keg, Moxies and more.

If going out is your thing the city features an abundance of different options to meet your style to enjoy the nighlife. One of the favourites is Grande Prairie’s Crown & Anchor Pub which has been in the city for many years. It features random theme nights but also usually has live music every weekend.

Speaking of which if you’re an avid music lover and enjoy playing cards the Grande Prairie Casino could be the right fit for you. The Casino features many musical acts along with a multitude of comedy nights each and every week while you enjoy the comfort of slot machines, table games or poker rooms. If neither of those are your thing come and enjoy the wonderful food in the Casino.

Grande Prairie is also home to the Regional College which often has sporting events as well as plays throughout the season. To learn more information about the city of Grande Prairie click here.